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Ukrainian Pagan Folk Metal band TRIGLAV
Arius, Morok and Paulus decided to create a musical project on the 22nd of December, 1999, next morning after a feast on the occasion of Paulus' birthday. They started working that very day, and a preliminary version of the song called "The Warrior of Honour" had been prepared by the evening. In spite of the fact that namely this very first record was casually wiped out, it was restored in some weeks after and the project which was later named DANAPR began its existence. As Morok was busy with his bands SVARGA and FROZEN SCREAM, and Arius with SVYATOGOR and also with FROZEN SCREAM, all activities with DANAPR were suspended.
Lyrics of TRIGLAV are devoted to revival of primordial Vedic values of Ukraine/Oriana as well as Great Europe that is symbolically reflected in the album's title - "When The Sun Is Rising Above The Earth". It is necessary to note that there is a conceptual connection between the heading track of the album and "Full Moon" in the album, it may be expressed as the dynamic equilibrium of day and night, Yav' and Nav', as laws of the Universe exist "on that side of good and evil", and in its turn it is a corner stone of Indo-European Heathen tradition. Poetry of TRIGLAV is filled with deep respect and admiration of battle glory of great ancestors and pride of their force and honour.
Everything changed in 2001 when Alafern (the member of THUNDERKRAFT, SVYATOGOR and SVARGA) joined the project. From this moment the project obtained its new name TRIGLAV, and work was restarted, however it was rather languid owe to active work of participants with other bands. At that time Paulus left the renewed TRIGLAV. In spite of it, creation of music was finished by 2004 and TRIGLAV started recording of the first full-length album "When The Sun Is Rising Above The Earth" in audioALchemia Studio in June, 2005. Studio work was finished in September, after that TRIGLAV signed a contract with CCP-Records (Austria) in January, 2006. As per the contract, TRIGLAV will release their CD "When The Sun Is Rising Above The Earth" and two following albums.
TRIGLAV's debut album is the complex blend of Sophisticated Black Metal, European folk music and neoclassic symphonic arrangements with fragments including Power Metal vocals. Flutes and a violin were used during the album recording and they noticeably strengthened folklore atmosphere of the album. On the other hand, using classical orchestral technique of the Classicism and Romanticism epochs in arrangements imparts true epic sound to the music.
TRIGLAV When The Sun Is Riging Above The Earth Cover
"When The Sun Is Rising Above The Earth"

1. Warrior Of Honour
2. When The Sun Is Rising Above The Earth
3. ...And The New Dawn Is Not For Everyone
4. Through A Battle Of Life
5. Battle Hymn
6. Echoes Of The Past Victories
7. Full Moon

CCP-Records, 2006
TRIGLAV members
From left to right: Arius, Morok and Alafern
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